Thumbnail Request for a Restaurant Game

I’m currently trying my best to make a restaurant game and I need a thumbnail for the game.

Thumbnail Requirements (You must add the following in the thumbnail):

  • Thumbnail MUST be made on a Digital software. Not a hand-drawn thumbnail.

  • Thumbnail MUST have the title of the game on a yellow circle. That will be the logo of the game.
    Chef Stache's Restaurant Logo

  • Thumbnail MUST have a Stache Gim (Original). Make sure to replace the Stache’s hat with a Chef Hat and have him hold a plate of food.

  • Thumbnail MUST have a restaurant building in a City.

  • Thumbnail MUST have a yellow text on a red circle on the bottom right corner of the thumbnail. The text would say:

  1. BIG TEXT: A
  2. SMALL TEXT: AlvinFun Entertainment

Optional Things to Add in the Thumbnail (You don’t have to add these things in the thumbnail. But if you want, you can add one or more of these optional things in the thumbnail):

  • Thumbnail MAY includes a few gims waiting outside the restaurant. This will be the customers. You can have one of the customers as a VIP, famous person, or a Food Critic.
  • Thumbnail MAY includes a streetlight next to the building.
  • Thumbnail MAY includes Chef Stache saying “Welcome to my Restaurant” in a speech bubble.

I will accept submissions from 2024-04-23T04:00:00Z2024-04-24T10:40:00Z
The best thumbnail will be marked as a solution and will be used in my game. Thank you.


I can make one, It’ll take a few hours though.


Okay. Take as much time as you need to make a thumbnail.

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As I never have really made a thumbnail before, I thought I would try. @AlvinFun


Um… I like it. I have another user currently making a thumbnail for me. After that, I will choose which one is the best. Thank you.

Yes I am aware, I was mostly doing it for fun, not competition. Thank you~

(no sarcasm)

Alright I finished, sorry it’s not the best.


I’lll make one. I just made this for another user:


Okay. And wow. That thumbnail is cool. I can’t wait to see what my thumbnail looks like. I’ll give credit to you in my game if your thumbnail is selected.

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these are really cool


is dis good?

Tell me if you want anything added

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who is that?

what do you mean could u explain this more?

Stache is a Gim.

And making art on a digital software is also known as making art online.

You can use canva, sketchpad, or any other art software you use.

couldn’t I just use gimkit?

I don’t think so. But you can download the Gims from Gimkit.

Srry did not

see the chef hat part

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I see it now. Thanks.

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