Thumbnail request for a murd3r mystery 2 style game

i’d like it to look like this:
innocent (can be any gim) running away from the murd in a hallway who has an evil eye that has shot a projectile already (preferably kynami) and the sheriff has a pml and is about to sh00t the murd (maybe rocky west for this one?) also name of the game is mur3r mystery

change to Art

hey look wingwave’s on the forums omg :0


oops ill change it now lol

A rare occasion that kinda never happens.

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I might try if I can!

it would be appreciated :slight_smile:

making it right now!
also whats the title of the game?
just asking so i can put it in the thumbnail!

I think I did pretty good here!

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The Evil Eye seems a bit to far away for the Gim to be holding the Gadget.
Also, the projectile is to BIG to be sh0t out of an Evil Eye that small.

thank you so much sorry i wasnt able to respond quickly was busy but still thank you😭

What’s the name of the game?

just mur3r mystery (without the 3 ofc)

Oh ok! thanks! It should be done soon

Done! How is it?


tysm it looks amazing!

added the title to mine

Ur welcome! Thank you!

Am I too late to make it?

I link so. yeah. sorry

no u can still design a thumbnail if u want :slight_smile: