Thumbnail request Escaping Zombies

The one thing I swore I wouldn’t make an entire post about, and I didn’t live up to my vow
I want it to be some gims escaping some zombie gims
Gims: cocoa and chompz the rest Idc

Background: A chainlink fence

Style: preferably hand-drawn but I will accept slides (If Kat sees this I would really like her to do this, but I won’t ping her out of respect)

A basic sketch of it:

Add anything you want to it (watermark, name, extra stuff etc)
(No name yet so if you have an idea for a name I will take it and put it into a poll on friday)

hehe, it might look werid, as I use canva, but I am going to do it

and I always leave a watermark (or it might not be one if I am a big dork)

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yeah, i got my work get stolen an so did nixxon

I removed hate because it is not really needed in the title.

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@Morepeko8 are you a fan of pokemon?

…thats a bit off topic…but ya!!!

Please stay on topic :pray:

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ok. I’ll get back to work on it

what is the name of the game

if you want me to tweak it, ping me

Can I try to make something? I’m not good with hand drawings, but I can do pixel art!

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Welcome to the community. We hope you enjoy your stay! As for your question, yes any work done is appreciated, and I don’t know if there are any pixel art thumbnails yet so this will be nteresting