Thumbnail Request, Don't Reply

I want a thumbnail for my game, using the dry grass as the floor, no walls, and green plants as sentries, this will go on my Google site with my accounts and games

I can ask a friend of mine, if your willing to wait 2 days.
I can ask her rn, just let me know.

Oh no. I’ll move this to devices and you should mark a solution. The community banned these requests for some reason, so It’s gonna get flagged. Sorry, but you might not get a thumbnail.

I can wait, thanks for the offer!

Ok, @Deku will do the image.

I just messaged her, her name is Kat Aronii, She makes really nice thumbnails, she should get it to you within the next few days…

Thumbnails are no longer allowed, as the community consensus has changed. Read this to find out why.

Thank you so much for the thumbnail - you can email me it to me on my email

why do people hate thumbnail requests so much?

We don’t hate them. We believe they create too much clutter and spam. It was terrible when the first 10 topics were “Thumbnail for RPG game.” Did you read the post I sent? It helped me understand why people were acting that way.

Anyway I’m gonna stop posting here so people don’t get mad. Bye.

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i have a question…what if its a thumbnail built IN a creative map?.what if its that but NOT as the main or major part of help post…but as a little detail and not anything important compared to rest of help post…(and its ONLY a help, how do i do it in creative and NOT a make it for me) would this be acceptable? just something i have been thinking about.
like NO requests but just help on how do i do it in a map…

maybe like if it was “how do I make a goat gim with barriers” It would be fine.

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the thumbnail requests are allowed its just the community that decided to flag them
Screenshot 2024-05-10 2.26.40 PM
(I’ma watch peeps type up an essay to Jeff about this and complain whilst they shouldve just left the thumbnails alone) so yeh this will be restored soon just unmark a solution and continue it @Zvstheworld
(I’ma get roasted by some of the older peeps aren’t I ._.)

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you must get this image out to more people.

I wont make a topic about it
it’ll just start an argument
and peeps will spam emails to Jeff about the thumbnails being allowed
so i’d just stick to comments instead of a whole topic about it when it’s brought up


but still, I think more people should know.

nah, i do not agree with some parts of jeffo’s statement but i feel like no one’s gonna try to fight this statement. there’s no real point arguing anymore so i guess thumbnails can come back.

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