Thumbnail request-crazy runners *thumbnail picked*

hello I need another thumbnail again before you ask.

I can grind faster then my father lol

art requester:margimkitcreator

title name: crazy runners

inspiration: goofy runners

art creator or picked/credit: @Skelatin

extra detail: I need a thumbnail based off goofy runners where you are running from something or a gim like basically tag any gim is allowed I just need the builder gim the gim I use in it
the map place or background whatever I don’t really care
has to look like a plaftormer thumbnail.

optional thumbnail time needed or deadline: may 17/may 20

since when is there an Art category?

since a day been added by mods gonna be gone for almost an hour lol brb

Yesterday at night.

i have a question, can someone get me a image of a viking ship for something im making?
But it needs to be a above shot so i see the top.

i can do it. so you want builder and some other gims playing tag?

yeah the requirement gims I need is 2 or above with the builder gim and I don’t really care or it doesn’t really matter where it is or where they are at as long as they are jumping

alright cool. working on it rn


hmmm could u adjust the background and add a little more gims?

and change the floor?
make the chasing him angry and the running gim panicking and using blueprint/random block to make something

I like the gims.

add a little falling too

it just look like your average running or tagging game.
and I don’t want that.

could you be more specific with what you want me to do with the floor and background?

oh wait i looked up what goofy runners is so now i think i understand

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the backrooms?? YES this will work!

but now I noticed why are they running away from someone that just running towards them? can you give the chasing guy or angry guy two things a crazy mouth optional: if you want to give him a crazy face to go with it I fine with it

and a weapon to show why they are running.

this will be the last request I have everything else is fine @Skelatin

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yup that everything thanks!

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