Thumbnail Request (chars)

mine so far

I just need like a title or something


What is the game called because I done the thumbnail I just need a name

@FersionSpeedy If you give me the name, what happens in the game I can come up with a really good thumbnail (let me know if you want it handdrawn those take longer :wink: )

Here we are!
rate 1-10

Also It says not finished because you did not give me the title.


does anyone know what this game is about so I an create a thumbnail?

Hey random dude, I like your designs, could you make me a thumbnail? Here’s link to my question.

Could I help? I like making thumbnails

you were left at home so you are fighting your siblings. He wants two gims with blasters jumping over a couch.

okay thanks that will atleast help me :smiley:

Of course!
It might take a little bit because I am working on other thumbnails for other people, but I can try to put you on priority.

Thank you, you’re a life saver!

Just doing what I do!

House Battles (also make the text font Fugaz One)

Also, make sure the “Knockouts (Global)” thing on the whiteboard is Kalam. Sorry if that makes too much time to work on.

Rate: 8/10. It’s nice!

I think i said zappers. No worries, the game also have some blasters. Just i guess some gims sorry, but @Random_dude123 may will have to get a blaster.

oopsies sorry

House Battles.

ill add it tomorrow im tired lol

I canmake one tomorrow I gtg

Okay thanks for updating!
Your thumbnail should be done by tomorrow

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So I tried looking for the fugaz font on Adobe but I cannot find it, is it okay If I just do another font???
Also what color font do you want?