Thumbnail Poll - Would This Look Good?

Would it look good if I included Gimkit skins made from images of real things in a thumbnail? Would anyone want to see that? For examples, look below.
Merchandisable Gim(s) (2)

Community polls don’t help people with Gimkit Creative. I would perfer this topic closed by marking a solution.


I think this is helpful, though, with all due respect. I need to know if these custom skins would be good in a thumbnail.

This is off-topic, please move this to the WIX or discord. As @twofoursixeight said, this forum is for GKC questions only. So please mark a solution to prevent clutter.


I may be picky, but it is just a image backdrop, so no. I would make the gims custom, not just a image, but hand drawn/ made. try using this site, I use it all the time to make good looking gims.

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Ok. Thanks for the feedback - that’s all I was looking for. :cat:

How do I use it?

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