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Yes, but would it still be free if I took down the whole game? Publishing changes is free, that I know, but taking down the whole game, that’s what i’m wondering about, would I have to repay 1000 gimbucks to get it published again?

If you have the season ticket, you can publish for free

Ok, I put the brackets around the initials.

if you don’t have the season ticket, I think publishing changes is free

Can you still not see it?

Oh, I haven’t checked yet, lemme do that, did you add brackets to the initials or not? Just asking to make sure I don’t look up the wrong game.

Yes, I already put the brackets around the initials.

I still can’t find it! Try putting the initials at the end? Maybe…?
For my game, I named it Gimworld (ARN) now I can find the game just by searching up ARN, maybe try making a random combination that doesn’t exist? Like XY, or AB, not a real word like WE, or else it gets confused with other games with the actual word ‘we’.

I don’t think it will work tho

Also I changed it back to its original name too.

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I think I might post a new topic to see if anyone can help