Thumbnail Poll Post 36

I need a thumbnail for one of my maps based on a PvP/battle royale. The name of the map is Super Gimkit Royale: The Island
-2 gims (Niblet and skethech would be perfect)
-Island themed background
-Both gims should be holding a gadget (zapper and evil eye)
-Credits may be shown in the thumbnail
btw please include my name in there somewere (Munchkin with a hamster emoji at the end
Btw pls add my name somewhere (Munchkin with a hamster emoji at the end)
Also btw I will add whoever’s thumbnail I like the most in the credits for my game!

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I can design a thumbnail for you!

I can also make one.
Check out my art in my bio for a sample, per se, of my style.

I require a day or two to finish.

ok thx
please add the requirements too!

I can wait a day or 2, it’s fine
Edit: also btw I saw the samples and they look great!

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@VoidFluffy and @targaryen1387
if u guys have a design or have something done for the thumbnail please notify me so I can take a peak.

Ok! By the way are the two Gims fighting each other?

yes, both gims are fighting each other.

@VoidFluffy and @targaryen1387
Also btw I won’t be on my laptop tomorrow cause I have stuff to do, but I will be able to check in on Tuesday (afternoon/evening)

@VoidFluffy and @targaryen1387
Bye, I will be back on Tuesday!
If u want to, you can add 1 more gim

yes! another thumbnail concept I want to do. Plus only 10 replies. Good.

Unfortunatly, I am unable to create a (quality) thumbnail at this time.

Here it is! This is the first thumbnail I’ve ever drawn, and I hope you like it.


Also, I wasn’t quite sure how to get the dimensions right.

Here ya go! Hope you like it, this one took quite a while
Although I do think that targaryen’s is going to win, it’s much cleaner.


ok nevermind, I’m busy this week. I’m cooked anyway.

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@targaryen1387 and @VoidFluffy
Tysm for both of u guys to design me a thumbnail.
It’s going to be really hard to decide which one i will take, so i think we will need to do some voting!


Can I create one? I love making them!

Yes, of course.
The more, the better!

If anyone would like to vote for one of the thumbnails created and finished in the replies/comments, here are the candidates for now:
Thumbnail #1 by targaryen1387
Thumbnail #2 by VoidFluffy
Btw if you would like to enter/participate please notify me!