Thumbnail please!

I’m making a red vs blue, no specific gims, get creative:)

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anything red vs blue related

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didn’t you already request a thumbnail?

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I’ll try to help you @lando_1

yea, that one didn’t work plus it it corrupted somehow


IK it’s already in use for this or that in gimkit but it works right?

What if I made some edits to that image to make it better…?

If you could, That would help

Give me a minute and I’ll make a few arrangements

will do thank you! so much bro

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How about this?

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I like it, but Ill see what Leo does


Ok, But if you need help, just say.

That looks cool! :+1:

Thank you astro I think Ill go with yours mainly because of the background

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thanks @lando_1, I like making thumbnails anyway.

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