Thumbnail on Fnag map

Screenshot 2024-05-13 1.03.35 PM

Screenshot 2024-05-13 3.23.45 PM
Screenshot 2024-05-13 3.23.28 PM

what should add to my map please reply

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as of earlier today, there is a new art category (yay!). PLEASE MOVE ALL THUMBNAIL REQUESTS THERE INCLUDING THIS ONE!


how am I sopost to do THAT I NOT A EDITOR!!

You can change it by clicking on the pencil on the top of your post.

you created the post.
I’ve been doing this: -_- || too much this week

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Relatable. Expect I have nothing better to do.

ooooooooooh me so dumd :crazy_face:

what am i supost to say

just change the category from “help” to “art”
please help me before I lose my mind


ok thank are you a pro at this?

no the category not the tag
pls. I’m not going to be sane much longer
pro? no.

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I have been summoned…

The Ultimate Guide to changing Catergories

Step 1 - Click the giant pencil next to the name of your post

Step 2 - Click on the box that has Help in it.

Step 3 - Change Help to Art.

Step 4 - Click the blue check mark.

Also what?

Look at the number.


Are you asking for a thumbnail for help with your map??

btw you should change the “blood” from red to green so it is appropriate for 6 year olds (as inkydarkbird likes to say).


Screenshot 2024-05-13 6.16.25 PM
what do you me

Didn’t you ask for a thumbnail in another post?

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this is what I mean -_-

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Edit: Mysz did it! Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’m never going to get regular now because of all the thumbnail topics I’ll never read :cry:

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You’ll get there someday. Trust me.