Thumbnail needed VERY BADLY

I need a thumbnail for a game called Yoshi’s Gimcrafted World and need a thumbnail P.S. would make it myself but I feel like y’all could do better than me! (I hope)

thumbnails request aren’t allowed.

Thumbnail requests are allowed now.

@That_One_Gimkit_Guy, yes they are, the community has been going crazy about it all day lol

@NoTimeToBleedQQ, could you at least try to make a thumbnail, or give reference art? Even though requests are allowed now, we’d like to keep the requests low.

If you can do it thumbnails yourself then I suggest you don’t make a post since we are trying to minimize thumbnails.

no not what i meant i mean i can but i stink and maybe like look at my bio or look me up and there should be yoshi in GK so

NVM I’ll do GTG I’ll delete this

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