Thumbnail needed: The final stand

Name: The Final Stand
Creators: BB, P om-P om
Showing gims fighting a big boss (sentry robot), with red sky and black ground.

Thats it thanks so much, you can get creative with the other parts :slight_smile:

The p and the om in p om- p om is together it just wouldnt let me type that

ok sure

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I can make one
My previous work is in my bio.

pompom you mean?

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I’ve made you one I hope you like it :slight_smile:

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Yep with the - in between them


taking a small break
how does this look (ill add shading later)


Awesome, just need the title now

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I kinda feel like the text ruined it

whatevs you can have this so you can put the text in on canva or something

hey any artists out there willing to give me some constructive criticism?

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i’m an artist

i think it looks good! to help the text look better, maybe use actual text instead of it being handwritten. you could also change the text to a different color, since the sky is red.

hope this helps!! :D

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nice new PFP.

very…it feels…how do I say this…

it gives me speedy vibes.

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I think I might do this one…maybe tmrw

The gim on the left is kinda wonky.
And you should use layers in your art, for more depth.

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kleki layers are a bit confusing for me
I need to get used to them

Finished and died

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You use Kleki too? Nice.

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