Thumbnail need help with it

Can someone make me a thumbnail for my game, i didnt know you could ask that from others…
Anyway, its kinda like an escape room, your trying to escape your parents bc they locked you in your room…?

what is the game called?

well, the first one is called ESCAPE FROM YOUR EVIL PARENTS, but im making a second one

Is that appropriate for Discovery though?

okay, working on a thumbnail now

its been posted for quite some time now, at least 800 plays

Well, alright.

Thank you so much, im not good at art, at all

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how is the thumbnail coming along?

good, be patient
it’s been twenty minutes
i’m actually trying to put effort into this
so expect it to be another half hour or so

ok, im sorry, i dont know how long they will take but thank you for letting me know, sorry for not being patient…

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omg that is awesome, you did such a good job, THANK YOU!

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maybe mark the thumbnail as the solution instead
also lmk when it goes on discovery, i wanna see that on the page

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