Thumbnail/Names Request for a platformer

I have a game that I would appreciate a thumbnail for, which I dont have a title for it yet. If you have suggestions, tell me!

Thumbnail Details

Gims- Cumulus and strawberry jumping on platforms, racing, with strawberry in the lead
Setting- high in the sky, some clouds, snowy terrain and some snow props
Photoshop or hand-drawn, idrc

If there are any other details you need, lmk!

About the game

Player(s) have to try to get to the end of all 12 summits. The summits are:

  1. Green Grasslands
  2. Shallow Shores
  3. Snowman Street
  4. Cavern Clamber
  5. Opposites Attract
  6. Sentry Ascension
  7. Copper Climb
  8. Silver Peak
  9. Gold Stroll
  10. Ruby Remnants
  11. Diamonds and Duels
  12. Doubling Down
    If any more details are needed, let me know!

I will do a poll if there are multiple thumbnails.

Thanks in advance!

summit 4 name: Cavern Clamber
summit 5 name: Opposites Attract
summit 11 name: Doubling Down
Game Title: Perseveration Escalation

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ooh I like that

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I love creating names.
and I like alliteration too much.

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yeah I like alliteration and rhyming

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@Kosm0-o could you give me a title for the game that’s a little shorter and alliterates? I’ll pick between the two that u give me (if you give me another one)

  • Where The Clouds Lie
  • Up, Up, and Away!

oh wait you asked for alliteration mb

  • Scary Scaling



Thx! I actually like the ones without alliteration ngl

too bad no one wants to do the thumbnail :confused:
I would but I have irl problems.

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I’d summon people but Pharlain said not to

I’ve been summoned even though I wasn’t : D
I can make you one


Title ideas:
Scaling the Sky
Climbing Clouds

I like where The Clouds Lie most

You can add the title when you decide,