Thumbnail look time (opinions)(Igtg)

Does My Thumbnail look good to you guys and the editing look good?

I forgor the thumbnail lol

The laser beams could stand out more (make them solid white to contrast the red and blue) and be straight. Other than that, I really like it!

One thing: the tops of the zappers are cut off

And maybe add some props?

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Yeah… I can’t fix that

props ok ill do that

I like the minimalistic look of no props. [1]

  1. Signed, someone who has played 10 months of GKC and would not like to look at props when trying to find a game. ↩︎

Have you tried using this:
But you flipped the picture around?

I’m out of likes

can i use that image?


I mean, it’s not theirs.

I think that for the text in the upper-right hand corner should be Thumbnail and Game by CrimsonVoid.


I’d suggest changing to the new-design Gims.

ok new text and gims

Then the simple color coordination would be lost though…

Oh, I see…

Happy easter everybody!
(Please don’t flag me for this, like how people flagged saying “merry christmas” :skull:)


maybe change the shadow under the gims a bit? im not sure why, but the air brush looking shadows look very strange to me. try making it just a black transparent circle under the gims. (you could also give the zappers a shadow too)

When I see that blurry thing under the text on your thumbnail, I kinda want to click it and make it show the text under, but there is none… lol

I don’t know if this is just me, but my honest opinion is:

harsh warning
Are you sure?

-the cut off zappers lmao :skull:
-Maybe make the eyebrows less obviously edited?
-format is cool
-I don’t think that’s what a zapper projectile looks like.
-The shadows look really weird.
-The text shading is poorly done.
-The font for the 'Thumbnail By/Game By" is the most basic font and lacks creativity.
-overall meh but needs improvement.
Don’t take this personally, and remember practice makes perfect!

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