Thumbnail Issues and or/ bugs

I dont know if this is a issue for help or bugs but i am level 102 or somthing like that I have 3,100 gimbucks i made a really good thumbnail i think but it still wont allow me to publish my map. I’ve tried just bypassing the upload error and publishing it anyway but that just wastes my gimbucks and ive tried changing it to png jpeg ang jpg please help
Screenshot 2024-02-21 3.06.51 PM

did you try converting image?

Make sure each file ends with .jpeg and sometimes, even though it saids the thumbnail is an error, the map still get published, But are you willing to take this risk? It’s like a 50% to 50% chance…

That didnt work i’ve tried publishing other maps but it still doent publish them because there is a issue with the thumbnail uploading for some reason it wont allow me to just go without a thumbnail.