Thumbnail ideas

I was wondering if someone could make me a “mega bedwars fight’ thumbnail?

I can try but I am not that good…
(I’ll get it to you by the 10th)

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Thank you :smiley:


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Woah cool! Is it ok if i use that?


I can do it for you!
Just give me more detail

Work I've done

I was thinking four team bases that are spaced out, really far apart. Basically it is normal Bedwars, just a lot more big and epic.

Any Gims you want included?
also colors of the bases
and the theme

copyboy theme
underwater theme
Casle theme

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Day one gim, Harold gim.
Base colors: red, green blue, orange

Theme: space theme

sorry its one day late, I got caught up with school

This is so cool! Thank you :smiley:

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