Thumbnail ideas - help

I am making a thumbnail for my game called “Don’t Click It!” Where you “end up” finding a sign saying don’t click it! And you go to the sign and Click the button and you end up being “captured” by sentries and thrown on a ship and the abandon you on an island. Then you have to go search around an island and you need to find a house (you don’t know that part) and once you enter, you need to go through “The Hallway” and it keeps changing, until a counter gets to a maximum number (depends on memory) and you finally find a row boat with a reflectors and you get an idea, “why not I use the reflectors to send it back to land?” (And it shows terrain without you in it [need help with that]) and you click a hidden button by the reflectors and you send a reflection and soon enough, a boat comes over. You board the boat and get back home. (End Game)

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so do you want someone to make it for you or someone to give you ideas for you to make it?

Seems like that.

I thought we agreed that we were done with Thumbnail Shenanigans on these forums…

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If you want some one to make it for you HERE, that’s off-topic

Helping some one is what we do, so there really is not don’t with thumbnails.


if you want someone to make it for you
it goes here

I want ideas, like props and terrain by the name ”Don’t Click It!”

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