Thumbnail Idea needed!

Hey there!

I’m currently balancing between Hunger Games and helping others out.

Can anyone make me a thumbnail for Hunger Games?

@Artemis I’m not good with thumbnails… sry

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No worries whatsoever!

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I can try to make one


Thank you!

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Sure np
By when do you want it

I’m gonna use the fox gim to represent fox face is that ok

Artemis, i can hlp with any GKC stuff EXCEPT, for the art stuff…
Sorry, i can try though, scince you are nice person

Hunger games 1 2 or 3

I depends on if you like my style. Here are some of my work.


Why are almost every help post for thumbnail these days…


prob 1

read the other thumbnail hlp posts, i put a comment adressing this

you can use <> and spam inside them

But no capitals or numbers just lower case letters like



Thanks! so, what exactly do you need in the thumbnail?

I did it
Lmk if you have any suggestions
Btw- fox is foxface
Electronic wires one- district 8
Angler- 4
Stache- 1or 2

If you use mine credit me in your description pls even tho my name is on it