Thumbnail Help (This is not the same)

Ok, I only want the best of the best of the best thumbnail makers to read this. I am making a medieval map called The King’s Castle and I need THE BEST thumbnail fo it. I would make it myself but I just started and they suck. SO PLEASE, if you are good at making thumbnails, make this for me. There are 2 teams btw. The Guards(King/Host is on that team) and the Rebels. Maybe make a costume throne for the king? Please, I really need this.

I suggest you post it on one of these guides due to the good thumbnail makers tend to look on there, not indevidual post. But give me some time and I will try to make a few for you.


YES! thanks @WolfTechnology. This really helps. And I will start doing that

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Should I mark solution, or let other people answer?

mark a solution.

r u sure, what i somebody has a really good idea

erm. mark a solution for now, and if does not work, unmark it.

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It will stay open for 3 hours, but you can leave it open for now just to get some more answers.

ok. :smile:. I will do that

hello I can help if you need anything! I am ok at thumbnails if I say so myself.

@Gizmo2.0 and @WolfTechnology can you both do one and I will see whose is better. For @everybodyelse, you can make one to

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We’ve established that you need to make a help topic to ask for thumbnails. It’s because it just clutters up the guide, both for the readers and the people who need the thumbnail.


but i do not have the thumbnail yet. here send them to

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The topic has not been solved yet, so why are you telling Mattnosport to mark a solution?

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Umm I made this

Wow. that. is. amazing. getting solution. if anybody else has one please give it to me. cuz yours my end up being better than this, even if you dont think so

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At this point i can still edit, if there is anything you want me to change?

well… maybe make the king have a goated staff. not from the game. and have control the weather

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