Thumbnail help (Kinda?)

The title is kinda correct, I do need thumbnail help, but not in the way you think. The thing is, I have the thumbnail, there’s just one problem… No gims! (and I can’t draw gims to save my life) so I need someone to add gims to my thumbnail (it is a tag game in an abandoned factory, and if someone does add the gims, could Cocoa be the main one focused on) (You can add anything to it as long as it doesn’t obscure the title)
The background:

give me a minute and I will have it done!

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silver cocoa or golden cocoa?
or half of each?

Normal (Pass not needed)

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I have a generative thumbnail, and you could add stuff to it, but this is about all you are going to get out of me
(I am not very good at editing)
Screenshot 2024-03-05 2.19.44 PM

like this? or did you want me to add more than gims? If so I would be MORE than happy to.
or do you want me to change gim colors?

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try using canva, it has backround geenrator, can edit gims color, pixelate stuff, give you A LOT!!! of images to add, has a backround remover, magic erase, flips images angle, and much much more!
use youtube thumbnail template!

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please add the Blueprint skin


updated version

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any suggestions? comments? concerns? Smart remarks?

Why is the bush so big?

what bush? you mean the tree gim?

A little too much going on, Maybe limit it to only 2 or 3 gims?
(I also was going with hand drawn style like @Kat_aronii style, but I will be rotating the thumbnails every 2 weeks or so)

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well i’m no good at hand drawing on computers, i’m average on paper.
how about this?
should i delete more?

That will work
(again, will be rotating thumbnails every 2 weeks, so if you go to look it up and you don’t see your thumbnail, its been traded out for a new one for the 2 weeks)

okay last chance…any edits? I’m fine with editing it or deleting more…because once you say it’s good I delete template as I do not need 5,000 thumbnails in my canva.

Nope, no more edits need to be made to it

add the blueprint gim it is the best for a factory themed map

okay @Coffee do you want blueprint gim? If so what gim should it replace?

Yeah, Echo? Vortex? whatever one that gim is, and can you make both of them (Blueprint and dodge) normal color