Thumbnail help for my new battle royale game

Hi, Its me again, and I am almost done with by beta version of an all new battle royale and I am making bigger and better, and that includes the thumbnail to, anyways I need opinions on this thumbnail to see how people like it and if it would attract people this is demo and prototype, and I did blur out some stuff so It does not get spoiled, the title, etc. (nothing inappropriate)

anyways, please don’t hate on this, I am bad at making thumbnails that’s why I need help

also don’t copy and paste, this is my work

I can help for your thumbnail

sweet, thanks a lot, can you see the theme?

yes I can I can make it better

we need a good background for it

Give me any background u want me to edit

That’s the problem I cant find a good background

do you want a grassy ecosystem?

sure that would be great, man

ok I will do my best

thx alot man you are helping a lot

np oh btw do u want some hills or flat

hills would be great

here’s a sneak peek at the beta piece of it
Screenshot 2024-04-16 1.02.41 AM


hello? are u still here?

Sweet, I’m super excited to see how it turns out!

BTW, just do my username like By: Kadenracer987 thanks I’m almost done, I’ll include you in the credits

ill try to make a gim like hills