Thumbnail help for Dig It Geo

Hi I need help for making a thumbnail for my map that’s coming next week called Dig it Geo which is similar to Dig it Up but not a platformer, The thumbnail should have:

•”Dig It Geo” written
•Should show a gim mining
•And should have a Dig it Up background

Let me know if you need more details

I will create!

can I try tomorrow? i’m busy rn

I’ll wait but thanks

Thanks and I’ll wait, I need it by next week


If you want me to change anything let me know!

It’s perfect! Thanks and look in discovery for Dig it Geo next week @JohanGim !

You can wait…
Other thumbnail artists may come along…
Intense Shivering

Ok well I’ll wait but why is it cold :cold_face: jk

i can make on tommorow by the way im @ian990789 so if i respond it’s me

ill try making a thumbnail. this will be my first time so i hope it will turn out well!

Ok thank you I’ll wait

Got it and I’ll wait

here it is! it’s my first thumbnail, so if you need me to change anything, feel free to ask me!

That’s perfect I’ll see what I can do, Thanks @maxi

no problem! tho make sure to look for other thumbnails, cause there are many other thumbnail creators better then me.

I well but thanks and I’ll make a wheel to determine what my thumbnail be and don’t forget: DIG IT GEO IS RELEASING TOMORROW!!!