Thumbnail help for Beluga

so i just finished a game and am ready to publish it but i need a thumbnail
it is a speed run/obstacle course game where the point is to complete the most laps

I might be able to help, what do you want for the background, any gims you want focused on? (if so, can you provide a screenshot of the gim doing the action you want)

umm i really like chopz costume and echo

I hate vortex

Ok, what do you want them doing, and any background you want

disco and cinema carpet
i want them running

ok, want it made in gimkit, or with a different editor

umm either one
i just don’t want it to be a failure

art is reserved for guides

ok right now ima change it

Ok, can you provide a picture of them running? (its hard to get a screenshot of a gim running)

I already did.

i dont have chompz costume tho…

I have chompz, if you can provide echo, I can do it

I might could help Beluga, I am pretty good with Canva stuff

I’ve got echo @Coffee

OK, if either one can provide it running, I can make the thumbnail

but i only have the blueprint one cuz i have two acc
one for building
one for fun/school
i created a separate one because i think my teachers disabled publishing

These are some real nice thoughts everyone!

ummm how do teachers disable publishing?
also give me some time I won’t be back on till next monday and I can help with the thumbnail.

Screenshot 2024-03-01 2.45.39 PM