Thumbnail for rise of the dark gim

gims: vortex echo and sirath
fighting dark gim
name rise of the dark gim

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What specifically does the dark gim look like?

a black gim with red h0rns and a tail

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I found this thumbnail request.
The power of this reply puts it back on the top.

Are you going to make one…?
If not, there’s no point in replying…
I’m starting mine today haha

Simple 5 letter answer:


I don’t know.
We probably need details on the Gims gadgets @vortex.agent

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Happy with this sketch? I’ll continue with it if you’re happy with it


I think it looks great

I’m impatient so without even waiting for a response, I finished it (oops)


Dang bro did echo dirty
We need to show more respect for echo, ok?
But great art.
Or maybe he’s just playing dead to avert the fighting and have vortex and sirath for themselves.
I just realized the eye on echos hat is looking at the demon, maybe its a sign of being possesed?


maybe I could make one!
(I’ll try hand drawn for this one)
lets GOOO I’m using kleiki for the first time.

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I can try making one!

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I’ll try!!! I’ll make it online! :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

ill try to (ive been waiting for an excuse to do art)

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oh i use kleikli too!

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Uhhhhh it’s not klikli no offence intended

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I use canva! LOLSERS!!!

I can help definitely!

I use IbisPaintX.


I made it!