Thumbnail For Portal Game

I need help for a thumbnail, the game is called: Portal Jump Adventure.

Could you provide more details?

It needs to have a gim (any gim) jumping through a portal (any color) and it must say the name on it.

You can put your name on it

Hello? @Kormorant ???

I can make one.

I can make one, but it will have to be tomorrow,


Do you want me to change anything?


@Bedmann52 My friend will be making a thumbnail! I will be updating you with it soon!

Credit Pinkflower + Blizzy

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@SAD , Can you make the gim in the picture a mountain gim?
@Blizzy , Could you add a little more detail?

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I do like both tho. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Also, My Gimkit name is Bedrock_Fortune_5, but my forum name is Bedmann52

OK!!! Have fun!

@SAD made you an amazing thumbnail.
They already put in a lot of work.
If you don’t like it and need perfection, change it or do it yourself.
They’re doing you a favor, and it’s already really good, just be happy with what you got.

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No, it’s fine, I can change it to a mountain gim, I don’t mind.
@Bedmann52, you want the one in the DLD thumbnail, or who?

bro couldn’t even tell you the name of the new gim he wanted :skull:
I believe he meant Zenith

@SAD, don’t you have to finish the math test?

Yeah, I’m about to start, :frowning_face: luckily it isn’t that long.

The DLD gim!!! :smiley:

what do you mean?