Thumbnail for my upcoming game

Screenshot 2024-05-23 1.52.51 PM

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isn’t that the Roblox game I like that game.

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Nah, the roblox game copied me


no that Roblox game was created before createv was possible

Dude stop lying
The ROBLOX creator made it before you
And plus
YOU JOINED 18 minutes ago…

roblox made it long before you made that thumbnail

It was a joke… That logo was made before Gimkit existed

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then how did you know gims exist

Welcome to the forums @Kingcat12ooo also whats the Question???

stop attacking him and answer whatever hes asking…
whaat isheasking?

My question exactly @HYBRID_GAMES


mark a solution or this can get flagged

translation: end it or i will flag for 2 reasons

use < > with words in between so you get past the limit

im not tryna be aggressive or anything like that, just end this because its irrelevant and advertising.
read the community guidelines

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ok im flagging now

you have been flagged within 30 minutes of having an account
WeLcOmE tO ThE cOmMuNiTy 🫷🥴🫸

Please mark a solution this is getting very annoying

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