Thumbnail for my game the lost relic

name nitris:the lost relic
gims:vortex agent,echo agents and doug
doug and vortex agents are fighting the echo agents leader has the fire relic

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I can try, but I have a few questions.

  1. Who’s Doug?
  2. What does the fire relic look like?
  3. Is there any specific background you would like?
  4. What are the gims fighting with?

this is doug
the relic looks like but red
a gliched backround
vortex has a evil eye echo has a sling shot

also @Yolk there is no deadline so no need to rush

I could also try one

thank @Grahamathan15 you know the detals

do you care what font I use

no not really use any font that is easy to read

anything else I should add?

maybe some more agents

vortex and echo both?

yes 2 more for each side

ok will do

I can make one too!

previous artworks >>> here

Anything else?

no but i’ll wait for others then i’ll pick

you can make one @targaryen1387

i love your style of drawing

I can also make one. My previous art is here- :first_quarter_moon: :new_moon: :last_quarter_moon:you can expect something similar to the first 2 thumbnails in there.

Here’s my finished thumbnail!