Thumbnail for my game fnaf

I need a thumbnail with freddy scaring a gim in a restaurant.

Welcome to the forums, @argon! Make sure to read the guidelines and be nice to your fellow gimkitters :)

please specify your request more so us artist know what to do to make you a high-quality piece! :D

I think that’s all the details they’re giving…lol
I’m assuming the restaurant is the FNAF one

this is going to be a tough one…I struggle with short details lol

don’t worry, new dude/dudette! I gotcha covered!


I forgot bout this, I’ll get back to work (prob finished my tmrw?)

Community guidelines state that you cannot use Gimkit creative to create copyrighted material.

I recommend making a parody version with your own characters instead.
In fact, one of my best friends- he’s on the forum, actually- he made a FNaF Gimkit parody called Five Nights at Leafy’s,

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Yes, too agree to this.I beleive creating a look-alike would be better than using copyrighted material, as stated by @Raycat2011.