Thumbnail for my friend please

Can someone make a thumbnail for my friend, he is making a gimnight map…

@MirMirCreates creats thumbnails, so I would ask them, but if you would like to do it yourself, use canva or a pixel art app.

@MirMirCreates is a AMAZING thumbnail creater, maybe ask him

Thanks so much, gimmaster


Wait, what did I do?

wait what i dont remember typing that lemme change that


by the way @LEPRECON2024, what do you want on your thumbnail?

some gimkit weapons, some gims, and a split background one a different season (winter,spring,summer,fall)

Wait is it yours or your friends I’m confused?

My friends, he cant get on the forum due to wierd computer problems, it blocks it for school, so Im asking so i can send it to him for his map.

Oh ok I understand thank you

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