Thumbnail For My Fishtopia + Don't Look Down Map

I’ve made this one B4 but no one used it so if you like it u can use it! (just make sure to credit me and everyone else who makes a thumbnail that u use)


I really love that Watermelon effect! but u can make the water look abit better!
Steps. go to a top down. now got to the water terrain and make it how big u want it. then take a screen shot then press remove BG and put it in!


1 problem: gimkit’s down. I’ll do it when it’s back up

thanks for the advice

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i made a new one, maybe it’s more similar to the thing you were hoping?

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yes that looks better

I was thinking you could use these for reference: Just that kind of art style.

The last link doesn’t work, my bad. It is the One Way Out picture.

What do people use for Photoshop?

Also, try to make the text in bangers font, or even something more similar to the original Gimkit Fishtopia title.

It doesn’t matter what you use, even Google Slides is good. I do not know what photoshop is best, because I don’t use it, sorry.

I do see that a lot of people use Adobe Photoshop, though.

i have no idea how to make it their art style tho, and this is probably the best im gonna be able to make

i’ll try to add on to your critiques as best as i can tho

For that thumbnail, make it in the sky, with a Gim jumping off a boat onto some sand terrain with water, and another Gim is fishing in the water. Make a selling station to the left of the boat. They should be jumping left. Also, use the Gimkit sky background and the Gimkit fishing pole whenever you can.

so the boat is in the sky?

Yes. No ground, except for platforms.

do you want me to do the falling illusion like i did with the watermelon up there ^

Yes, but maybe closer together and more transparent.

i know the water looks bad

Without water:

@2514 does it look good?

I can make one! I’ll have it done by tomorrow evening bc I’m kinda busy.