Thumbnail For My Fishtopia + Don't Look Down Map

Can anyone make a thumbnail for a Don’t Look Down plus Fishtopia map? The one I choose will have its creator mentioned in the comments.


ooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, it might take me a while but what do you need in it

We need more details. Do you want any gims in it? Hand drawn or photoshop? etc.

(also, pls note I only do Photoshop) I am really bad at drawing :expressionless: @th3_ca1tsune maybe we should summon the artists?

You can add a Gim jumping from any prop from fishtopia onto another one. Photoshop or drawings, but if it is a drawing, make it look kind of like the pictures of different game modes. Also, of course, NO AI-generated images.

I believe ai is going to take over the world so why would I use it? :space_invader: :expressionless:

Ok, when is the deadline? That will determine if I will use photoshop or digital art.

I will try to make it!

IMA bout to wing it big guys. this might look bad also @2514 what is the name of the game. then me get to work

guys my post is not editing

@2514 it is now complete

What is the name of the game? I can always edit the pic.

first thumbnail! does it look good? also i still need the name of the game, but i can put it in


Sorry I wasn’t replying for a while, it is called Fishtopia x Don’t Look Down.

I can help make it for you!

It is pretty decent, but do you think you could use the pictures for the Gimkit game modes as a reference?

I’ll try

Also When’s the deadline?

what do you mean by this?