Thumbnail for Mario 1-1

Yep! sorry for the late reply!

I can’t see the thumbnail on my screen! Hopefully you can resend it! Thanks @GimGamer1!


Bam!!! How do you like it?

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I love it! We will add a poll now

  • Sad’s Thumbnail
  • Koromants Thumbnail
  • Gim Gamer 1
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Sad's Thumbnail

Koromants Thumbnail


Gim Gamer's Thumbnail

Poll ends in 2 days so vote now!!! :smiley:
@GimGamer1 @SAD @Kormorant

Poll is closed! So we will be using @SAD thumbnail! But also thank you @Kormorant and @GimGamer1 for your artwork!

Hate to be That Guy, but all of the thumbnails (and probably the map in general) posted here are most likely against the rules for Gimkit Creative publishing.

From the publishing rules:

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We will rename it to gim world 1-1! Also, the poll was already done… but thanks again I guess.

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