Thumbnail for Fishtopia

Hi guys pls make me a thumbnail for fishtopia

(post deleted by author)

why are you replying to yourself???

Who’s who? What’s where? Why’s THat? Where WHo? Why Where? Who’s Talking to who

so can you make me one or not???

I don’t think I can, sorry.

bruh ur friend is weird

yes i know and he’ll take that as a compliment lol

btw can you do the thumbnail?

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Hhahahahah! Maybe i’ve met my match lol

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sure i guess i just need a few more details

SUP BRUH you want a thumbnail?

@joe could you do my thumbnail maybe?

I don’t think I can, sorry.

this isn’t a wiki please remove the wiki tag

Nah it’s all good. :+1:

ima need details

he is joking bruh he doesn’t need a thumbnail.

I do tho

what do you need?

Everything is in here Need a thumbnail for my new Space game