Thumbnail for an exiting new adventure map

I am making a game called: The bridge of distraction. It’s a game where you are supposed to cross the long bridge to ive grandma some potatoes. You can only enter blue tents (not red ones), and you can’t get distracted. There is an arcade, some shops, and tents, and strangers, but you must stay on task.

I’m really new to thumbnails sorry! Is this ok? I might need to edit the size though, but still…

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Wow. that is really amazing! just wondering, who is the pink paste?

I will wait to see if anyone else has one. Thanks a lot

Some criticism
The shadow under the gim is weird
The title is kinda boring (i mean how it looks)
The house seems a little small

Question: are you walking away from the house or is that like grandmas house?

i think ill make a thumbnail ima get my saucepan out real quick :]



Good, But I don’t like the eyes, and the tittle is the bridge of distraction. it also looks like the arcade says fruity gim’s arcade. over all I would give it a 7/10.

Hey, can I make it? :grin:

It is like one character going to the house and the other character is distracted. And also @HP7divergent46THG12 I will try to cut out the shadow and you are going towards the grandmas house. The house is small because it’s in the distance. I can maybe make the title a different font. I’m really new to making the thumbnails so thanks for the feedback. I will also make the size better or like move the images around to fit. :smile:

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Looks really nice! Thanks

Yes @Golden-Cat ! Sure thin!

Ok! :slight_smile: I will start right now.

Alright, I made some improvements, here is my new one and yes this one fits in the box.

I’ll make one!

I can do it! I can start now

I’ll make one as well.
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Should we mention that you have to be 13+?


I forgot about that rule-
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