Thumbnail for a game called "crazy classroom"

Hoi, can anybody make a thumbnail, the game is called crazy classroom… you get the idea.

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I don’t, but can you send some of the pics from the gameplay?


ok, got it fixed up

can I help?

I have a couple things I need you to do before you say yes.
I don’t like making a thumbnail for no reason so… I ask you to look at the bottom of my bio to see my previous works

and also could you give me some information like
what gims you want
and other information

IF you help, any gim fine (no clipart) background (a classroom) (title at top)


seeing as I just did one today I may take about two or three days at most if I do procrastinate at all

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so what exactly are the gims doing in the class btw?

fighting playing doing work lots of gims

LOTS of gims

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