Thumbnail for a Fishtopia*One-Way-Out+PvP remix | Also a name needed!

Hello! I’m [relatively] new in the Gimkit forum, [so I don’t know exactly what I’m doing,] but I’m good with things like this, (and [If I may ask] how do you make the thumbnails?)
And in the thumbnail I’d like to have;

  • Two Gims fishing, one pulling up a fish
  • Two battling with [random existing] weapons [in Gimkit]
    And the style;
  • Hand drawn
  • Realistic [preference]
    Please get back to me soon on the thumbnail!
    [BTW I’m asking because I can’t draw]
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well welcome and I think I can help u :slight_smile: brb

most people make thumbnails on cava, adobe, or google slides. And for the name i need to know the theme. Example: sci-fi, medieval, space, etc.

Screenshot 2024-04-24 8.24.49 AM
kk done wat u think? :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2024-04-24 8.26.10 AM
fixed the purple thing

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:smiley: Thanks :sweat: sorry about the late reply, been trying to work a map.
I would like some help with the actual map though :\ going offline for a bit tho, bye!

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na ur good all I ask is that I get credit for the pic plz so have a good day I’m NoTimeToBleedQQ

at least a little

Back. Could you please help me with my map(s)?
. . . :pleading_face:
:point_right: :point_left:

well I WOULD but 1 Chromebook about to go dead and 2 I’m in class so gtg but I’ll see u later :slight_smile:

I’m in class as well. Bye!

Maybe around 12:00? :mantelpiece_clock:

r u gonna be here at 3:40?

well gtg see you at 12

U there?
I’m at lunch

It’s past 12 :sweat: :confused: :disappointed_relieved:
[ W o r d f i l l e r ]

You mean ‘canva’?
Cava is a food place.

im here srry we must be at diff time zones for me its 11:55

V.A. your in _____?
can u log into my creative map?

ye just gimme code