Thumbnail for a bank heist map

can I ask a question? what is bro doing on top of a street lamp? what is he gonna do?


Man is planning their next move.
Get it? Planning?

I finished my thumbnail! What do you think Rundw02?

Sorry I am late to the post… can I attempt to make it? @Rundw02? Sorry if you don’t like being pinged; and only when you get back on here…

How’d you show the ammo?

This guide has it!

I’m sure you can, if I know him, he is very open

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Oh thank you @Txme_Lxss

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I’m a trained artist, will you like me to make one?

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@Rundw02 is offline (I think), but he probably would let you.

He is offline.

I’m his BF, so I know him well

Except I didn’t know he joined 2 days after me… (March 19)

Best friend? Or somethin else…? Sorry for being so weird but fr… just askin

Yeah, we’re in the same class (3rd year straight LOL)

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Ok I just came back from school gimme 30-60 minutes ok?

I need to shower soon

We… don’t need to know that :skull:
But fr I am going to start working on the thumbnail now.


TMI bro!!!


I wish you good luck