Thumbnail assistancwe

can someone make me a thumbnail with gim kit weapons and gim kit skins, for a gim night map?

@MirMirCreates creats thumbnails, so I would ask them, but if you would like to do it yourself, use canva or a pixel art app. This is the app I use, and it works well.

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Or just take a screenshot of your map.

inspect element console (ctrl+shift+i and go to console) Paste that in. You should be on the gimkit tab.
And the smaller the number in setZoom(), the more zoomed out it is

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Just putting this out there, not everyone has a windows, and can access that link.

Please read the rest of the post.

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I did, and i don’t seem to see what you are saying. (Not to be rude).

inspect element console. ctrl+shift+i and go to console. Paste that in. You should be on the gimkit tab.

Ok, well then to prevent more confusion, you might want to add that to your original post, because how was I suppost to know that? (Again not to be rude, even if it sounds rude.)

TRy: How to make good Thumbnails for publishing your game! - #509 by WolfTechnology
Just ask for a thumbnail and give them a screenshot of the map.