Thumbnail Art Request

I am publishing a map soon, and need a thumbnail, can somebody make one please?

The map is called “The Final Snowdown” and the creator is Portable Muffin.
Basic idea: an echo agent and a vortex agent holding snowball launchers with other Gims in the background. The creator of the thumbnail will be credited in the description.

Is it hand drawn or photoshopped?

it can be either but i would prefer photoshopoed

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@1234567 I made one. let me know if you want something different.
Screenshot 2024-04-13 5.01.01 PM

Thumbnails by Me

Screenshot 2024-04-13 4.40.42 PM
Screenshot 2024-04-13 4.09.26 PM
Screenshot 2024-04-12 9.16.01 PM

I got one! Hope you like it!

This is really messy and I’m not good at Photoshop that much.

Soooo you misread the title. It’s: The Final SnowDown. Not “The Final ShowDown”

okay, thanks! I am starting a poll between JellyProductions and Kosm0-o to pick the one I will use for the game