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So this map has been posted for a while and its thumbnail needs an update… I already have an idea of what I kind of want it to look like… but I don’t know a good website for thumbnails, so of course I need the community’s help. Please?
Here’s the idea:

Of course it will have more details (Igloos, seashells, islands, trees, etc.) but this is just my idea of what it would look like.

Thank you to anybody who helps!




sorry had to

I can do it!!! :slight_smile:

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Thank you


sometimes I have that urge too :slight_smile:

I won’t be able to come to the forums tomorrow or the day after, so expect a late responce.



Oh, sorry, I’ll keep that in mind. Can I just get the thumbnail for this map though?

An amazing idea would be a section dedicated to thumbnails, like how there’s a help section, devices section, community guides section, etc.


Well, sorry, but the community has now made the decision to treat thumbnail requests like off-topic. Please mark a solution to this post.

You can request in my padlet… [ link in bio ] but…

Close the topic to prevent further arguing. When you get back on here of course…

Im almost finished btw

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Can I mark a solution after lonewolf makes my thumbnail?

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It kinda sucks, but here it is:


Actually, that’s amazing @lonewolf0230 ! It’s just… I probably should’ve said this earlier, but my map is called Fortkit.

Also, can you put the lab behind the barn, and a bit higher?

And in my name, the a is before the e


Anything else?


That looks really cool!

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thank you
(you’ve changed you pfp 3 times today)

Nope! Nothing else, it’s awesome! Thank you!

I know! I don’t know why… but I have this deep feeling it isn’t good enough…

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