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There’s already a guide on this remember, search before you post.

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well, to be fair… he does have the new pixel gims

I haven’t seen those in these guides

(I may be unable to see if they’re in there)

although you’re right, there are quite a lot of guides on this-


then add the pixel gims to the other ones…

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but im too lazy…

those other guides say not to edit unless you were one specific person-

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they’re screenshots bro

i did search before i posted, i just added gims that are not in those gimkit image wikis

they are wikis, they can be editted.

This was…
very unnecessary.
Like the others said, there are countless editable wikis about this already.
It doesn’t matter that you put Gims that weren’t on the other ones already since you can just edit those into the wikis- they’re wikis for heavens sake.

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