This system doesn't work. Here is a screenshot. Can someone help?

@chrysostom Your system didn’t work. I tried multiple times. Here is a screenshot.

what is this system supposed to do?


When one player clicks a button, it does nothing until the other person clicks a different button. Once both buttons are clicked, it teleports BOTH of them to a different room.

can the button be pressed multiple times?

Button pressed → increment counter

make the counter’s target 1.

wire the counter back to the button so

Target value reached → deactivate button

Do the highlighted steps again, with another button and counter.

Then have 1 checker wired to both counters.
Target value reached → run check

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Yes. But, I have a different system for that later.

if the button can be pressed multiple times, the person can just click the button twice and then it will send them there, because the property =2

yeah, but when I tried it with my system it did the same thing.

what did it do?

just teleported ONE of the players to the room.

So your problem is that you need both players to teleport to a room and only one does at the moment?

well u could make it so the button deactivate that pressed one once pressed.

Yeah, I just need a system that does these exact steps, that teleports BOTH players.
here is the scenario: Player one walks into the room and clicks a button. Nothing happens. Player 1 goes to the other button next to the one Player 1 just pressed. Player 1 can’t click that button. Player 1 carries on with their day. Then, once player 2 finds the room, they CANNOT click the button that player 1 clicked. But they see another button to the side of the button that player 1 pressed. Player 2 clicked the other button and player 1 AND player two get teleported to a different room.

Is there only 2 players in the game? Can player 1 click player 2’s button?

you could make it so that the teleporter can only be activated once the buttons are pressed, but it doesn’t automatically teleport, you have to manually do it…?
idk if this is possible tho

No there are more than two players, and the buttons are interchangeable. That means the same system happens, but either player can click either button.

I think I know how to make a “non-cheat” system for the 1 player presses both buttons but it would be better if there were only 2 players. Also, you could configure the relay to make it so that all players in the server get teleported but then again, 2 players total in the server. I will try to see what I can do otherwise. EDIT: Yes, I know, another question. Is it 2 player teams or just solos? Could you give me the topic for this system?

4 teams evenly split into size

What I would do is:

Make the buttons (Public scope) increment a counter with the target number of 2 so when both are pressed the counter will increment to 2 and once it reaches the target number the players teleport

AND if you want only the button pressers to teleport, when they press the button, it activates a trigger (Player scope) that is deactivated on game start, and when both buttons are pressed, it triggers the trigger instead of the teleporter, and the trigger triggers the teleporter. Then you can wire the trigger to itself using wire repeaters and make it deactivate when it triggers.

AND if you want the buttons to deactivate when one is pressed and reactivate once both are pressed, wire the button to itself using wire repeaters and make it deactivate when pressed. Then, wire the counter to the button and make it activate when it reaches the target number…

AND if you don’t want the single player to press the 2 buttons the best solution I have is put a barrier over it that activates when the other button is pressed (Player scope) since you probably want the button’s deactivation scope to be public.

I just wrote an essay :slight_smile:


Thank you! I will try that.

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How about this? It’s simple! Have a button that deactivates when you press it. Have it increment a counter and grant an item. Set the counters target to 2. When it hits its target, broadcast to an all players relay, which will broadcast to a checker. The checker needs to check if the amount of item you have is equal to 1. If the check passes, broadcast on a channel. A teleporter should teleport to itself on that channel and the item should be taken away. Hope you figure it out!