This might be hard for my one way out 2 in the final room!

I made one way out 2 the final room is so hard it took me 2 hours till I finally beat it.

Wow…Yeah that’s very difficult.

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This is not the place for that, not trying to be a buzzkill

It sounds cool though, and really hard

yeah. it’s hard to beat.

I try 56 people to play to win but they just die 37 times.:joy:

My friend also made one! But it is still in development.

Wow, I want to try out yours meet me at 10 am.

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Finn what does your map look like?

But code sharing is against the rules❌

Don’t share codes here. It’s against the rules.

Don’t do it again. You can publish it.

Ok good you yeetus deletetus it.

Do you mean deleted because that is better?

You deleted the post where you shared your code right so that is good that now you understand the rules about code sharing?

okay got it I will not share the code but someone shared a code:Try out my new map!

I told him not to get suspended from gimkit forum for code sharing.

how much people get suspended from gimkit codes?

I’ll have to tell my friend to create it but ok

I’ll give u code in a couple seconds