This is how to make a kill all players button for your map

you will need a
1 button
2 relay device
3 respawn device

step 1 place button
step 2 place relay device
step 3 wire button to relay
step 4 set relay audience to all other players

step 5 place respawn device
step 6 wire relay to respawn device

now you have a kill button

Nice guide, but extend sentences and add pictures since this is low effort

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  1. pictures!
  2. ideas is for Help posts
  3. way too short
  4. prob will get flagged since low effort
  5. you only have 1 day to edit this
  6. this can be made a lot neater
  7. device settings!

ik im in class lol i will soon

i will edit tis very soon almost done last class like 15 minutes left

Remember, pictures are powerful!

bump its been 10 days