This has somthing to do with the fourm but just to let you know i see this alot and wonder how to do it

fist off all how can i get a picture here

how do i get this picture second off all how can i explain myself like this

and to say where i am also how do i get this picture
if this really is off topic im sorry i just dont whant to look bad and not good ant this fourm cuase im not thanks.

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haiasi i chose you cuase you post to my help alot ty.

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this remides me of when i asked how to get my profile pic.

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Who did you say thanks to? Nobody else posted anything???

well what if haiasi sees this?

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oh yhe i dont spacificaly whant those pics i just whant to know how to get them.

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no i know but i whant to know how to do this

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i whant to know how to get the pictures like everyone else.


just fill in everything in ur profile
go to ‚ÄúPreferences‚ÄĚ
then ‚ÄúProfile‚ÄĚ and fill everything
everything to do with links and pictures


what does that mean?

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anything to do with the forum is off topic…

this is off topic so Beware next time @craftking12 because it aint fun

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