This disgusting little property bro

so ya ya we back at it again

So for the game I’m making- ah screw this just read the quoted text

Screenshot 2023-12-13 220552
and like I genuinely don’t know what I’m doing with this property
It’s literally just sitting there looking pretty :sob:

I’ve read so many guides on properties and I think I’m just stupid

Do you mean if the player buys the section twice or if the player buys two different sections?

so basically think of it like when you buy a house, and you try to buy another one, but you get yelled at because you already have one and you’re greedy

Okay, so if you want to use a property, you will need a counter to go along with the property.

Link the property to the counter by going into the counter options and going into the property tab for the counter.

Then place a checker down. Wire the property to the checker. Have the checker check if your property is greater than 1. Also make sure that your property is a number and not a boolean or text.

Then if the check passes, open up your popup that shames the player for being greedy.

Finally, have the counter increment when receiving on the method you use to buy a house.