[ 📜 ] The Ultimate Guide to Props/Terrains and their Categories



More props?!

I love it! Finally more props!

how much time did it take you

It was posted on discord.

Blackhole: Yeah, I just screenshotted some stuff josh sent in the discord.

That is so cool, it’ll definitely be used!

reusable bump :slight_smile:

literally why does no one ever use these

sure it’s cool but navy said the thing about reusable bumps is someone might want to discuss something about the guide and then we make more reusable bumps causing in spam so i think i’ll stick to single bumps -@Haiasi

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100?! Gimkit’s devs have been working real hard lol


another reusable bump

(How does this even work :sob: )

Wowowowow I’m going to go crazy about 100+ props

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Should I add the new medieval props in a category, or is someone else going to do it?

Thanks for this, I center a lot of small games around Echo Vs. Vortex theme so this helped a lot!

ARGHHHH I CANT SEE IN THIS ARMOR (bumps into the wall)

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Has a bump on their head after falling.

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Wait, why did you guys choose farmchain, capture-the-flag and fishtopia

Because it contains props from from farmchain, fishtopia, and capture-the-flag
And adding all the tags like snowy-survival and more would look messy

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You also can only have 5 tags.


bump (no reusable bump :expressionless: )

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Little did @mysz know, not 5 or 6, not 7 or 8, but 70 tugs would be made.