The ultimate guide to minecraft(real)

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Are you tl3? Because I can’t edit this

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  1. you are not a tl3, so this isn’t a wiki
  2. epic was last seen 8 days ago
  3. could you add some stuff before posting?

want the password to my account?then you could edit.i trust you.imean… even tho you would learn my gmail and edit my personal account stuff… i trust you!

click after reading

jk, that would be hopelessly naive of me
so, for clarity this whole reply was sarcasm

never, never, NEVER give a stranger online your password.
It’s just basic common sense.


did you click the thing?

the arrow lookin’ thing?
looks like that :arrow_lower_left:

ya think she doesn’t know what you’re talking about?

Do you think @Sythic has tl3 cause then maybe he can make the TUG for @HYBRID_GAMES

I joined after you guys, I’ve just been reading here for like 8 months before I got an non school email to j0in with.
Edit: There is no possible way for me to be TL3
(I actually dont know what I am, I think TL1)
Edit2: Ok we getting off topic, this needs to be switched to devices ect.ect. and stop replies, if not planned to be finished

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hey you need to add more catogorie





mining [/details]
and so much more

I was joking bruh

no one you listed has tl3 currently (iirc breathtaking used to have it but not anymore)

i just added what was in the original topic

how do i get tl3?im williing to speedrun it
nvm i cant speedrun it 100 days+ of viewing everything

You have to be active for a long time and help a lot, and also prove that you deserve it ect.ect.
Generally be a good member and not like spam, or get off topic, more ect.
Yeah :+1:
Edit: Also unless your finishing this on this topic can you change to devices and mark a solution, this is just creating clutter

what do you mean ti what i said

ik but…

you don;t speedrun tl3

it takes 50 days at minimum to do and speedrunning is kinda disrespectful to the people who got it legitimately (like me) and kept it for so long (like me)


and now you are bragging. greaAat.

Hes not bragging, hes saying that its disrespectful to speedrun tl3 while people have actually deserved it

I sense arguments coming, bringing in Snom

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